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Accelerating Defense Innovation

## Changelog
23 March 2024 - Updated [StateDiagram: Bane CIA Airplane Scene](<>) to now use MermaidJS.
17 March 2024 - [AWS SageMaker Notebooks](<>) contains preliminary work for a computer vision/inference [project based on a USGS RFQ](<>). Time constraints blocked completion but I will turn the work into a whitepaper for TechnicalXNotes along with SageMaker MLOps templates and some Colab Notebooks.
19 February 2024 - Blocking time daily to work on Red Sea dataset & trad ML/DS.
18 February 2024 - Submitting SBIR technical vol. 2 for Digital Spaceport. Concept art and pdf [here](<>).
16 February 2024 - Updating work on [](<>)
15 January 2024 - [Accelerating Defense Innovation](<>) and [ACCELERATX](<>) are both live.
13 November 2023 - Last 45 days were pretty busy launching mobile app for USSF. On my side, I have built out more of the startup's infrastructure. Also, another huge launch coming in 2024-- a partnership that will include in-person events at Capital Factory. Check out some new content [here:](<>) [Technical Papers](<>). 
30 September 2023 - Stealth mode startup. Filings completed and domains secured.
24 August 2023 - UPDATE: The aforementioned hackathon will use a sandboxed Azure Labs environment.
22 August 2023 - Large build out of NLP + general "Kaggle-style" notebooks in various stages in anticipation of DAS FSC "Data Hackathon" in ATX 2023-12. Congruent with those, building a TrueNAS & ProxMox server for reachback as well as a cluster-workstation as part of [`metal/cloud`](<>). Have some writing to post and some that is due out re UDRA and DARPA AIxCC.
09 August 2023 - [STRIPS Plan: Bane CIA Airplane Scene](<>)
29 July 2023 - Added txt document in [Writing](<>). This document addresses the use of Copilot for developers in a federal agency and the question of available tooling in an enterprise platform and data governance along with efficiencies the tooling offers.
10 June 2023 - There's a lot of work in [AI-Academy Notebooks](<>) in the past week. In [alphard](<>), I added a Jupyter Notebook called `unbreak_text.ipynb` that cleans line breaks from .txt files- the point of which is to pre-process transcripts from YouTube videos for embeddings.
2 June 2023 - Added DagsHub link in [<>](<>)
26 May 2023 - The spider graph visualization of Spotify genre attributes is available to view here: [<>](<>). The Colab Notebook will be published on GitHub along with the dataset.
11 May 2023 - added webhooks to grab changes on GitHub and push to the database 'Updates' below. Automating monitoring and observability of repos, articles, research, and other content @ [<>](<>)


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